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The Best Beaches in Phu Quoc Island

Hi there! How are you? Thinking about your Summer Holidays yet? I bet you are at this time of year.

Most of us want to have a stroll along the beach at some point during the year. Vietnam has a lot of beaches!

We increase our health and well-being by absorbing Vitamin D. The refreshing sea air, along with the soft and silky feeling the sands bring to our beach stroll make the seaside the perfect place for a retreat.

One place where you can explore beautiful beaches within a close distance of each other is the famous island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. This is the largest island on the southernmost tip of Vietnam. It’s a stunning island.

The Phu Quoc coastline is encompassed by pure sand and tropical fauna. It’s the archetypal tropical island. We can chill and unwind in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

Each beautiful beach has its own idyllic atmosphere. The Phu Quoc Beach residents are friendly and welcoming. The overall vibe is the same, same, but a little different on every beach. There’s something for everyone here.

The Phu Quoc Beach – Which one is the best?

Let’s look at ten beautiful beaches we can visit around Phu Quoc Island. These beaches are selected to suit different preferences. You can choose a suitable beach. Long Beach, near Duong Dong Town, is the main beach. Others stretch around Phu Quoc.

1. Beach Bai Truong – Long Beach

Long Beach is where you can do almost anything. It is the largest part of the coastline in Phu Quoc. It stretches past Duong Dong Town past the airport all the way to An Thoi in the south.

There are loungers everywhere, with parasols included. Palm trees are in abundance around Long Beach. The coconut shells make the beach more beautiful. Its golden-yellow sand attracts everyone staying in the area.

Locals can be seen early evening enjoying a sunset swim. Vietnamese and international tourists often bathe here during weekends and holidays.

The clear emerald waters offer a chance for snorkeling and swimming. Long Beach is the coast of Phu Quoc where most choose to sunbathe.

This is a busy tourist area. The beach is located in the center, where most people book accommodation. Be mindful that Long Beach can get a bit dirty as the day goes by.

All types of cuisines are available here. You’re not short of choice, with restaurants amongst the backdrop of Long Beach. You can dine to locally catered tastes or eat a range of international cuisine.

Bai Truong Beach at a resort in Phu Quoc – Vietnam @ Tony Pham / Unsplash

A string of beach resorts offers both a vibrant yet tranquil experience on this western coastline. It is one of the best beaches for a family holiday. This Phu Quoc Beach has something for most holidaymakers.

You can walk to Duong Dong Town and visit the night market. It is near to areas of Long Beach. You have to see the hustle and bustle of this Phu Quoc Beach.

Construction on Long Beach resorts happens at times. This is a busy beach. People want services and locals are developing a popular tourist spot. It happens.

The beaches of Northern Phu Quoc

2. Ong Lang Beach

Ong Lang Beach is the sunset beach of West Coast Phu Quoc. I say this because it’s the beach people go to enjoy a tranquil sunset. It’s around a 15-20 motorbike ride from Duong Dong and is a nice little spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the main beach.

You can walk along part of Ong Lang Beach exclusively at times. There’s a bit more coastline between the land and sea as well. Ong Lang Beach is a bit of a contrast to Long Beach. Both are beautiful. Ong Lang is a bit more secluded.

Tropical Ong Lang Beach in Phu Quoc island @ simo2582 / Getty Images

A lot of people don’t consider visiting Ong Lang Beach. The Mango Bay Resort has taken a seat in one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc. It’s such a romantic spot. The sunset is incredible and this is the beach for all adoring couples to admire the sheer beauty of this place.

This luxury beach resort will be on hand to offer a romantic candlelit dinner. Or you can grab a cocktail and saunter along this wonderful beach!

Most of the beach is quiet, rugged, and still relatively unspoiled, which is a bonus for a beach in Phu Quoc. This beach of Phu Quoc is located near enough to travel to the night market, yet far away enough to escape the crowds. This is a white sand piece of luxury.

3. Cua Can

Cua Can Beach is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc for a variety of reasons. The beach is separated by Cua Can river, which flows out to the ocean. The water flow has created a unique and captivating sand bar. A good place for a photo. Wildlife can be seen resting here on occasion.

One side is Cua Can Beach. In this part of Phu Quoc Beach, you can play watersports such as jet skiing and kayaking. There’s also a village near to the beach. You can see the routines of daily life here. You can get some suncream, beach equipment, and snacks as well.

There’s a fishing village in the area around Cua Can Beach. They live on stilted huts to avoid the high tides. Fishing tours are known to be available. This is a place for families and those who wish to truly escape their everyday life.

On the other side of the river are sand dunes. This is still a primitive area of Phu Quoc. Definitely worth exploring. One thing to consider is access. You can get a boat from Duong Dong. Take a bike, but be prepared for dirt tracks along the way.

4. Vung Bau Beach

Move along Cua Can Beach and you’ll find a stretch of coast of Phu Quoc which is cozy and secluded. It is a place of golden sands, palm trees, and varieties of lovely flowers and other foliage looking out to the blue ocean. Vung Bau Beach is one of the most picturesque natural spots in the west of Phu Quoc.

The beach is located within natural scenery. You can see all kinds of local wildlife moving around this part of Phu Quoc island. It’s approximately 4.5km in length and relatively untouched by tourism.

Vung Bau Beach in Phu Quoc @ DreamArchitect / Shutterstock

This is a place for those who wish to wander along in a tranquil setting. It is one of the beaches in Phu Quoc where you can catch hornbills early morning. Some like to go look for sea life in the area. Be careful where you step, as some animals are a bit dangerous to humans.

Vung Beach has no real development. There are pop-up stalls during certain times of the day selling drinks and snacks. There’s hardly any trash here. It’s a whole different world in feeling, yet you are so close to modern-day life if it’s needed.

Resorts are popping up all around this beach. Come see Vung Bau Beach before it leaves its natural realm.

5. Dai Beach

The VinPearl Group has turned this area into a coastline of luxury beach resorts. It offers all the amenities any tourist wants to have while on holiday. In addition to this, there’s a beautiful bit of coastline flowing throughout the resort.

It isn’t the same unspoiled Phu Quoc Beach everyone was marveling at a few years ago. It now offers services similar to Bai Sao and Long Beach. There are areas of untouched sand towards the south of Bao Dai. They can be explored for now.

Dai Beach is at the top of the most beautiful beaches in the world @ DreamArchitect / Shutterstock

Mostly, this beach is reserved for those who want everything on their doorstep, including the beach. Dai Beach now offers a luxurious experience, at an elite price.

6. Ganh Dau Beach

This is the beach of the north; Ganh Dau Beach. It is a stretch of north west coastline. The northern part of the beach is charming. White sands surround the midst of jungle terrain.

The beach is surrounded by tropical bush and exotic trees. Ganh Dau Beach provides much-needed shade from the intense heat during the day. There’s a feeling of escape here. There’s nothing much around you but sea, sand, and jungle vines. You need to head to the village for anything else.

Local handmade crafts and fresh seafood are available in Ganh Dau Fishing Village. There’s a rustic way of life behind this beach. Traditional handmade goods and delicious seafood are on offer. It isn’t the cleanest place though!

Ganh Dau beach is a great destination for those who love private spaces @ Anna Ewa Bieniek / Shutterstock.

This stretch of beach is the one place in Vietnam to see Cambodia. You can see it in the distance from Ganh Dau beach. They look like shaded blue-green hilltops. It is quite amazing to see another country across the waters.

Ganh Dau Beach is ecotourism for Vietnam. It is sustainable. It’s a refreshing change to the hustle and bustle of some beaches in other parts of Phu Quoc.

7. Rach Vem Beach

Rach Vem Beach, or Starfish Beach, is a place to visit to get away from the crowds. The beach is located close to Gan Dau and is accessible by a little sandy road. This is a nice one-day trip.

Unlike the bigger beaches, such as Long Beach and Bai Sao Beach, there aren’t really any restaurants around. Most visitors sunbathe or go fishing in the area. This is a nice bay to unwind and see Starfish.

Hammock on Rach Vem beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam @ avtk / Getty Images

Visitors across Vietnam visit this area for fresh seafood. They love seeing the vast amount of starfish who reside around the coastline. It is a popular daytime spot during peak season.

There are islands near Rach Vem and Ganh Dau. They have some pristine and untouched beaches. Day trips are available to Turtle Island and Mouse Island. Scuba diving, free diving, and less strenuous activities such as bird watching are the activities to do here.

8. Thom Beach

Thom beach is a nice spot. Located North-East of Phu Quoc island, it is now quite easy to locate. The main road is a very enjoyable ride from Duong Dong. Thom Beach is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc for natural diversity.

The Phu Quoc National Forest is the larger backdrop to Thom Beach. You can see squirrels and monkeys, such as macaques. You can also climb a mountain here.

It is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc for the surreal and incredible sunrise. This is the spot to see some of the best sunrises on Phu Quoc island. The low tide allows you to dip your feet in shallow, crystal clear waters. It’s a lovely beach to walk along during low tide.

Catching seafoods at Bai Thom – Phu Quoc @ Wiki Phu Quoc

You can go snorkeling during high tide. Boats are available for those wanting to fish like locals for a few hours. There’s a lot of sea life brought to the shore from the low tide. Crabs are usually spotted.

You see jellyfish around as well. Rocky paths are brought to the shore due to the low tide. Be careful where you step. Enjoy the experience. This is one of the beaches in Phu Quoc where you can immerse yourself within nature.

Beaches of South Phu Quoc

The beaches of southern Phu Quoc are generally busier. They are some of the most spectacular places to visit on Phu Quoc island.

9. Sao Beach

Bai Sao Beach is one of the most attractive coastlines on Phu Quoc island. It is the ultimate tropical beach. Tropical fauna, gorgeous white sand, and deep blue sea make up the mise-en-scene. Bai Sao would look good in any Hollywood Blockbuster. It is located south east of Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

Everyone knows Bai Sao is amazing. Many visitors to Phu Quoc come here. The Vietnamese love strolling along the beach. There’s something for all to do or feel here. The white sand flows like silk under your feet. The location provides a great climate for all kinds of activities.

White sand at Sao Beach – Phu Quoc @ Evgeny Drablenkov / Shutterstock.

The white sand shore is the reason most visit. Unlike other beaches in the East, Bai Sao Beach has a mixture of tourist attractions that accompany visions of natural beauty. You can go water skiing here. Kayaking is available. Bars are serving fresh juice and cocktails. The seafood is delightful.

The local population is ready for visitors to Sao Beach. The resorts are often full during peak season. The sandy beach can become a bit crowded. Get in early to reserve a lounger and parasol. It gets a bit emptier during the middle of the day. Come then, if you can handle prickly heat. Bring a bit of money as well. Services are not free on this beach.

Good or bad, Sao Beach is definitely one beach to see in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. The mixture of the blue and turquoise sea is a vision to behold and remember forever. It is one of the most beautiful beaches Phu Quoc has to offer.

10. The An Thoi Archipelago

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning An Thoi. This is a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. There are 15 different petite islands, with pure sand surrounded by clear turquoise water. A few untouched beaches can be visited in a day.

All islands are unique and have something very special to offer. You can take a private boat tour or book a day trip to the An Thoi Islands. Ham Tong Island is the largest and can be reached by cable car.

Some day tours offer stops at some of the most pristine beaches in all of Phu Quoc. The islands Ham Vong, or Echo Island, have beautiful white sand beaches for sunbathers wishing to escape the crowds.

Above view on An Thoi Islands or Archipelago in Phu Quoc @ Vera Tikhonova / Getty Images

Cold Cloud Island has a wonderful beach and an opportunity to free dive. Camping is available in this part. The Yellow Tortoise Island offers great opportunities for snorkeling and chances to spearfish.

The Shadow Island is an island no one lives on and a great place to take in the floral range and biodiversity of the whole area. The An Thoi Islands aren’t your average daytime beach spot. You can visit secluded beaches reminiscent of old desert island stories. It is a must-see set of beaches!

The best beaches in Phu Quoc Island

That just about wraps it up. These are my choices. Have a look at the ten beach descriptions, then look at the map. Look at other beaches not mentioned. Decide what suits you best. There’s a beautiful beach for everyone on this island.

Think about the type of coast you want to see. Think about transport. A motorbike could be best or consider booking a tour. Remember that Phu Quoc is more than just beaches, so make sure you also check out our in-depth listing of Phu Quoc’s attractions.

If you stay on one beach or visit a few beaches, enjoy the experience and soak up the sun. Any beach of Phu Quoc has something remarkable to experience. It’s changing all the time. Come and visit soon. What an amazing island!


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